Amanda's Fitting Room


To get an idea of your band size, this is the measurement around your back, your dress size should give you an idea. For example, if you are wearing a size 10 you would likely be a band size 32, size 12 would be 34, and so on.

If you are inbetween sizes you can possibly go up or down.  Always make sure you follow these simple tips to help you when checking you are wearing the correct bra. I would advise to get measured every 3-6 months as your body can fluctuate due to weight loss/gain .



Step 1.

The back strap needs to fit horizontal around the body, and always fitted to the first hook.( As shown in diagram on the right)


Step 2.

The bra needs to be flat between the bust. All the breast should fit comfortably inside the bra. There should not be any breast overspilling. (The picture on the right illustrates how the bra should fit).


Step 3.

Make sure the straps are of equal length before you put on the bra, if they are too loose they may fall off, and if too tight you may struggle to get them over your shoulder.

Fitting after surgery.

If you have had breast removal surgery,  reconstruction surgery or breast enhancement surgery, you may be apprehensive about what bra to wear. After the initial surgery there may be scarring so a non wired bra would be advisable to be worn until the scar has healed.

Some ladies wear sports bra’s as they give great support and restrict movement of the breast. The breast may feel tender after surgery, so the less movement the better. When the scarring has healed, it is highly recommended you book an appointment for a qualified bra fitter to measure and advise you .

If you have had a full mastectomy or lumpectomy you may have been given prosthesis, gel like inserts to place inside your bra. You can purchase mastectomy bras, these come with pockets to insert your prosthesis inside. There is a belief that you have to wear a mastectomy bra. That is again your choice. You can still wear wired bras as long as they fit correctly.

They don’t necessarily have to have pockets for your prosthesis,  although a full cup bra would feel more secure and give greater support.


Fitting when Pregnant.

When pregnant you can continue to wear a wired bra as long as they are fitted properly and comfortable. I would recommend a fitting every 6-8 weeks to make sure the bra is fitting correctly. I would advise towards the last trimester to purchase a well fitted soft cup/maternity bra.

If you are breast feeding it is much easier to breast feed with a nursing bra. They are specially designed to make life easier for you and your baby.

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